Azana Dry Fruits & Nuts


Cashew W320

Cashew W320 is a graded White Whole Kernel. These are oriental taste chunk which are heights in quality and larger in size as they are not damaged or split.

Cashew JH

Cashew JH is a perfect 2 piece shaped and uniform colored cashew. It is used for garnishing exclusive sweets and food items.


A green grape fruit dried under the sun is called Raisins. This will encounter the delicious cooking, baking and brewing process.


Walnut an edible oil-rich seed of a drupe is de-shelled for consumption. It mainly contributes to the brain health and used as an ingredient in foodstuffs.

Afghan Apricot

These apricot sare freestone and pale yellow in color but are equally delicious to conventional apricots. These are the source of iron and have multiple benefits, including improved health. The delicious sweet flavour is ideal for snacking and for recipes.

Dry Dates

Dates without moisture are the dried dates. They have harder and shriveled outer surface, used as an excellent energy boosters and powerhouse of vitamins.


The oldest fruit enjoyed for centuries is subtle in texture and color. These can simply be eaten or topped for desserts, ice-creams and many more. The increased insulin secretion from anjeer is focused on wellness and good health.

Salted Pistachios

Pistachio the garnishing ingredient is very popular in rich nourishment. These are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants since ancient times and promote good health

Roasted Almond

Almond is the versatile nut in the world. Roasted Almonds are best known for their flavor and crunch, as they are crisp in texture. They also reduce hunger and promote weight loss.


The popular tree nut highest in calcium can be used raw, toasted or add to any sweet or savory dishes.

Black Raisins

The black grape fruit primarily made by sun drying looks small, dark and wrinkled. This is a low calorie snack suitable for all age groups.

Turkish Apricot

Turkey is the largest producer and exporter of apricots. Turkish Apricots are yellowish-orange fruit having soft flesh without seed. These are juicy-plumps taste sweeter compared to other apricots. They are dried whole and are rich in taste and flavour.